Don’t Panic When Your QMS Representative Leaves

So, your ISO Management Representative is leaving your company. You don’t have time to hire anyone and everyone working at your company is already overloaded with work. Even a two-week notice isn’t enough time. Is there anyone you can call? Yes, ‘QMS Bridge’ gaps the bridge between when your current QMS representative leaves the company to the point where a new representative is hired to take over.

Quality management (QMS) representative leaving

No Time to Waste

Your company has worked hard to achieve ISO9001 (AS9100, IATF16949, ISO13485) certification don’t let the system fail with your QMS management representative is leaving. Bridge the gap with QMS Bridge. We will work directly with the employee leaving your company to collect and organize all the required records. Then, when the new person starts, we will hand off all the required records.

The longer you wait to bridge the gap the more apt your management system will become disconnected. On the other hand, don’t panic and hire a high-priced QMS consultant that will cost a lot of money. They will typically require a contract and will recommend changing everything to increase their billing time.  QMS Bridge takes the records you have and we store them until you have someone in place to manage your quality management system. The transfer to your new QMS representative is made seamless.

QMS Bridge is an easy, cost-effective, and time-saving service to save you from losing your current quality management system. If you lack the resources to maintain your system, QMS Bridge is the answer. Our primary objective is to protect your records when the QMS representative leaves.

Prevent a Disaster by Hiring QMS Bridge

No one stays in their job forever so you may want to consider having QMS Bridge work with your management representative before there is even a possibility of them leaving. QMS Bridge will obtain a copy of the records and then secure your records no matter what happens within your company. You will always be ready.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen valuable human resources stretched. Quality Managers whose only job was to maintain the QMS now have added responsibilities and they are not able to manage everything. Maybe your company needs to consider conducting a Management of Change (MOC). When you conduct a MOC you allow yourself to organize your thoughts and analyze the risks your company is going through.  One risk that is sure to come up is your Quality Management Representative leaving the company. Don’t panic, but don’t wait either, be proactive and contact QMS Bridge now!