Core Elements Of QMS

Core Elements Of QMS

There are many core elements to a good quality management system (QMS). When it comes to building a QMS, you need the right people to build and maintain it. QMS Bridge can help establish the system until the right people inside your company are in place.  When building your system there are some core elements to consider.

Quality Policy

the quality policy is the first key element you will need. The quality policy is one of the top-level documents used to ensure consistency throughout your system.  The initial step of creating a QMS is to start with a quality policy. The quality policy is sometimes the company mission statement as well. Also, the policy sets what the company’s priorities are. The next element is the quality manual.

The quality manual is an outline or overview of the entire QMS. In addition, it will describe the scope of the QMS and the requirements.  The next core element is the quality objectives. These are used to define strategic goals and the reason for the QMS.

Core Elements Organizational Structure

This element will include a clear and current version of the organization’s structure and the responsibilities of people in the organization. The organization structure can sometimes be found in the quality manual.  Next, all QMS needs documents, records, and management. The documents should be revision controlled so changes are correctly approved.  Effective record-keeping is key to the success of a QMS.

Processes and procedures are other core elements of a QMS. Having established processes helps the organization operate successfully. Also, data management and analysis are other key aspects of QMS.  Data such as customer feedback, trends, product monitoring, and supplier performances are all crucial data.  The last two core elements are continuous improvement and quality instruments.

Room For Improvement

Continuous improvement can lead to innovation which will lead to a positive trajectory for the organization. The control and calibration of tools used in the measuring of quality are very important to a QMS.  Your QMS is designed as a framework to help guide your organization to being successful.  Finally, if you need help establishing a QMS, contact the experts at QMS Bridge today!